Oh, Food, how do I love thee?

de·lec·ta·ble (d-lkt-bl)


1. Greatly pleasing; delightful.

2. Greatly pleasing to the taste; delicious.


Something delightful or delicious: a feast of home-cooked delectables.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin dlectbilis, from dlectre, to please; see delight.]

I absolutely love food. I can literally discuss food and its many forms for hours without losing interest. So, a friend of mine who shares my passion for the culinary arts has proposed that I start this blog, so he can torture himself with delicious descriptions of foods he can’t eat and recipes he can’t cook.

In order to temper my over indulgence in the yumminess of food, this will also be a blog about my diet and exercise. Keeps me honest!

For example, instead of working out tonight, I had a giant handful of Nestle Tollhouse Semi-Sweet Morsels with pretzel sticks. Then an hour later, a medium bowl of Garden Salsa SunChips. Yummy, but very bad. Very bad, Jen! So, I intend to make up for it by biking 10 miles tomorrow and doing 70 crunches. I am new to the whole exercise thing, but I’ve come around to it since the endorphins started kicking in.

So, recipes, food reviews, me lamenting about the wonderful food I can not eat…and admitting when I cheat. That should be what you expect and more in The Delectable Jen!


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