The Decadent Holiday Food Starts Early! or A Bad Girl…

I have been a very, very bad girl over the past few days. I feel like a Hoover vacuum for food, just consuming things like some mindless monster. But oh, it was so, so , SO good!

I am tempted to fudge a little on everything that I ate but I won’t. Oh, and I will be including some recipes for some of the food I ate this weekend in later posts.

Okay, my dad made his famous homemade spaghetti about three days ago. It is a meat sauce simmered to

A secret recipe.

A secret recipe.

perfection and blended flavors by a near professional chef. By the way, my father is the absolute best chef in the entire world. I was blessed (or cursed) with a mom who loves to bake and a father who can cook anything. Anything! He watches cooking shows for enjoyment, owns about 100 cookbooks and can cook something or many things from each of them! So, I had the spaghetti tossed with penne rigate and sprinkled with a layer of real Parmesan cheese.

Then, my mom and I ate one of our favorites desserts; a heaping handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips with about 10 large pretzel sticks….maybe 20, who knows? We also ate some dipped in Nutella. If you don’t know what Nutella is, it is a sinfully decadent chocolate sauce made from hazelnuts. So yummy and a smooth texture, like slightly melted chocolate with a deep nutty flavor.

Okay, over the past two days I have had; Triple Chocolate Pecan Pie, my Mom’s Chocolate Chips Cookies (generally accepted as the best cookies in the universe), my dad’s homemade Macaroni and Cheese, my dad’s Sweet and Spicy Glazed Whole Ham, my grandpa’s Turnip Greens, my Chicken Pillows and much more. I am going on a diet in four days and my parents just hit their favorite cooking time of the year! Grrr.

I am starting with one of my favorites; my Chicken Pillows. I will include a post with this recipe in about a day and I didn’t take a picture because my camera’s been dead for the last two days, or I would include pictures. They would start your mouth watering for sure. The chicken pillows are a chicken/cream cheese mixture wrapped inside Pillsbury crescent rolls, dipped in butter and then Italian breadcrumbs. Then, you make a simple milk gravy and pour over the top after it is ready to serve. I made that for my grandparents. It was good. Soft and flaky outside with creamy chicken inside.

My mom’s Triple Chocolate Pecan pie is not for those faint of heart. It is three different chocolates (milk, semi-sweet, and white) melted with typical pecan pie ingredients and baked in a pie shell at a low temp for about an hour. It is so good that my first bite made me completely zone out. All conversation around me died out and all my focus centered on my next bite. The top is semi-hardened but still soft chocolate and the inside is a pecan, creamy full-flavored gelatin of Karo corn syrup. Oh my gawd. Too good for words, really. I tried anyway.

Her cookies are a secret family recipe and  they are perfect in their simplicity. The recipe is straight forward but can be time-consuming. Just chocolate chips and delicious cookie outside, but somehow an amazing experience. I warn people all they time, they are very addictive! She has perfected the recipe over the years to make them the perfect balance of softness. You know how soft the Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies are? Okay, hers are WAY better than those. Chewy Chips Ahoy are just a poor imitation of my mom’s cookie’s god-like wonderful treat state. The are soft and chewy even after they cool, but still very lightly crunchy along the bottom. The chocolate chips stand out almost as separate entities, enhancing the delicious flavor of the baked cookie dough.

…I am going to have to finish this next time. It is just too much! I have to stand up and denumb my bottom!

Well, I start my diet on Sunday, so wish me luck!  I am determined to make dieting tasty, so I will be doing some research on healthy but delicious meals and I will let you all know about my successes and failures. Hopefully, they can help someone out there like me, who loves good food so much that dieting is a daunting and formidable chore.


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